How to choose the right bra, how to choose the right breast

Girls grow up to 16 to 18 years old, and the development of breast corridors and breasts is close to maturity. Use a soft ruler to measure from the bottom of the breast through the nipple to the bottom of the breast. When the distance between the top and bottom is greater than 16cm, you should wear a bra.

The size of the bra should be moderate. 二次發育If it is too small, it will compress the breasts and nipples and affect the breathing and the development of the rib cage and breasts. If a bra is too large, it will not support and protect the breasts. The bra should be taken off when sleeping to avoid affecting breathing and blood circulation.

pubic hair

After the girl is 14 years old, pubic hair gradually develops. I can observe the distribution of fine hairs growing on the skin of the pubic caruncle, but this is not the real pubic hair. The real growth of pubic hair needs to go through sparse, light-colored pubic hair, until it gradually becomes darker, thicker and curled, and from a small amount of distribution to a relatively dense distribution, before it reaches the distribution state of adult female pubic hair. 二次發育The typical adult female pubic hair is distributed in an inverted triangle shape.

Menstrual detection

Most girls have menarche, usually between thirteen and fifteen years old, but some people appear earlier, perhaps at the age of eleven to twelve, and may appear late at the age of eighteen to nineteen.

The girl herself will feel that her menstrual period has changed from irregular to normal. The menstrual cycle is generally irregular in the first year after menarche, and generally does not ovulate. In the second year, the menstrual cycle is normal, and ovulation is possible in every cycle.

What do girls eat for development?


During the developmental period, girls should add more nutrition and drink more milk. Milk is rich in protein and calcium, which can promote the development of bones and promote the development of breasts, so that girls’ breasts are plump and straight.


Girls can eat more papaya and milk during development, which will help breast growth. pay attention to eating more vegetables to supplement vitamins. In addition, girls can properly supplement blood, such as stewing snow swallows.

Supplement calories

Adolescent girls have a greater need for calories. They need 2600-2700 calories a day, which is more than adults. These calories mainly come from sugar, fat and protein. And some people do not eat breakfast or are not full, and the supply of calories is obviously insufficient, which will affect growth and development, so breakfast must be eaten well.


Adolescence has a considerable need for protein, minerals, and water, and it needs to be comprehensive. Women’s protein needs are about 80-90 g/day. The composition of protein in different foods, that is, the types of amino acids are not the same, so you should eat a variety of foods to make the supplement of amino acids comprehensive and not picky eaters.

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The bedding was cleaned incorrectly, so many baths were useless!

Now many of our friends are paying more and more attention to daily necessities and personal hygiene.

Including choosing good bedding, taking a bath regularly, Bedding Hong Kongand so on.

But did you know? If it is not cleaned up correctly, it will be useless!

Many friends are too lazy to clean the bed linen because it is thick, heavy, large, and not easy to clean.

And 1/3 of our lives are spent in bed,

So it is very necessary for us to keep the bed clean!

Now let’s take a look at the correct way to clean the editor.

1. Cleaning method

1. If you are going to soak in advance, the time should not exceed 15 minutes;

2. If it is silk or modern, wash gently

3. Do not use bleaching agents, which will damage the fabric and easily reduce the service life.

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Six foods that help wounds heal

1 Foods containing vitamin C

It can effectively supplement vitamin C, and it can also improve wound healing and increase the sensitivity to stress such as injuries and infections. In infections, fever, the loss of this vitamin is also increased, so its response to stimulation plays an important role. Wound healing after surgery requires collagen, and the formation of collagen fibers requires vitamin C to assist.

Vitamin C as a reducing agent can also reduce the formation of melanin, nu skin 制度and even reduce the melanin produced into a colorless substance, which has a good whitening effect. It is found in various vegetables and fruits, mainly vegetables, oranges, red dates, kiwi, citrus and grapefruit.

2 foods containing vitamin A

Vitamin A is also a nutrient that can promote wound healing and whitening. Vitamin a plays an important role in cell differentiation, epithelial fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis. Vitamin A deficiency will hinder wound healing.

3 foods containing glucose

Sugar is the main energy supplier of the human body, and sufficient energy supply is indispensable for wound healing. You can eat more sugar-rich fruits when the wound is healing, so that you can take in both sugar and vitamins.

4 foods containing protein

protein: Severe protein deficiency can cause poor or slow cell regeneration in corporate tissues. Especially when thioacid (such as methionine) is lacking, it often causes wound tissue to pass through cell growth barriers, and granulation tissues become a bad result. Fibroblasts cannot mature into fibroblasts,nu skin 制度 and the synthesis method of collagen fibers is reduced.

5 foods containing zinc

Zinc can be combined with vitamin C to participate in the synthesis of collagen in the body, increase resistance, and promote wound healing. Foods containing zinc include corn, soybeans, radishes, mushrooms, nuts, fungus, kelp, seafood, animal liver, eggs, meat, whole grains, and nuts.

Vitamin E can maintain animal reproductive function and promote wound healing. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are used together to complement each other and enhance function. Foods containing vitamin E include cereals, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, nuts, meat and dairy products.

6 fatty foods

Lipid deficiency can lead to defects in wound healing. Hello, fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects and have certain benefits for wound healing.

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1 做好卸妝


員工關愛: 不定期發送公司保健nu skin 產品

2 注意補血

皮膚發黃也可能與自身血虛有關,平時血虛的女性會感到疲倦,頭暈,有時會心悸。 所以可以通過補血改善皮膚,平時多吃一些有保健作用的天然食物,比如黑豆,毛菜,胡蘿卜,金針菜,龍眼肉,大棗和枸杞等。

3 調整作息


4 做好防曬


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5 定期去角質


6 減少上網時間





簡單一些護膚小技巧 還你白嫩好肌膚



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Guideline towards the use of fully automated espresso equipment

On the earth of super-automatic espresso machines, you’ll find some phrases that you choose to ought to be aware about that will make it easier to with not just paying for a machine but will also employing it as soon as you’ve it.Bean to Cup: You fill the device with coffee beans and with a drive of the button it is going to do each method necessary to give you a contemporary cup of coffee.

a recommended espresso machine hong kong, brings ultimate the Swiss technology to coffee lovers. The unique design of coffee machines with espresso coffee machine brand them an attractive addition to any home.

Super-Automatic: The device will operate fully with just the press of the button, the person can depart and are available back to a completed beverage.Semi-Automatic: The equipment will do most of the work but there’s a move or two the consumer however needs to do in between. Such as, the machine will grind your espresso and tampond it into a puck, but you are going to really need to transfer that puck into position for h2o to generally be pass through it. Then making use of the steam wand froth your individual milk and pour it to the drink.

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Puck of espresso: Following the coffee gets ground up, the espresso gets tampond / pushed into some thing that appears like a small hockey puck. Following the cup of espresso is designed, it will get ejected right into a compartment for being disposed of later.Milk Carafe: It is a compact jug which the consumer fills will milk which attaches to your front on the device. This is certainly for when you’re earning cappuccinos and lattes one example is. TheAuto Frothing: Which means the machine will froth the milk on your in place of you having to use a frothing wand individually to create lattes and cappuccinos.Thermoblock: A specialized heating coil that heats the water as it passes via it to come out very hot adequate for an espresso. This is often far more productive than for example heating a boiler jam packed with h2o right before with the ability to use it (like a kettle).part time courses

Ceramic and metallic grinders: You will find two key different types of grinding wheels which approach the espresso beans. The Ceramic style will develop significantly less heat as opposed to metallic counterpart, this offers the ceramic grinder a benefit mainly because it isn’t roasting the espresso anymore than it absolutely was originally supposed.Bypass Doser: A independent compartment that permits you to put pre-ground coffee into which bypasses the grinding process.Descaling: Passing an answer by the coffee machine which will remove calcium deposits and also other bodily residues from your device because of the water supply the individual is employing. If that source is tap h2o which has a higher ratio of calcium then.

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